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Set of Unicorn Rainbow Star Temporary Tattoo Waterproof

Set of Unicorn Rainbow Star Temporary Tattoo Waterproof

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SIZE: Please refer to the images provided

Easy to apply,waterproof, non-toxic and will last more than one week without scrubbing.

Should you wish to remove them immediately, the tattoos will come off with gentle scrubbing or baby oil.


. cut around the tattoo
. remove the protective clear transparent cover
. place the tattoo face down on the area which you want to apply
. place a wet rag or towel completely on top of the tattoo, press down
. wait for approx 20-30 seconds then remove the tattoo paper
. allow the tattoo to dry before touching or placing clothing over it

Tattoos should last a week depending on placement.
*Avoid body sprays and lotions with alcohol around the tattoo (alcohol will remove a tattoo),
also avoid hot water around the tattoo.

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