Set of 2 x Thin Blue Line USA POLICE Iron on Screen Print for fabric Machine Washable First Responders FLAG

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Iron on/heat press Screen print Fabric transfer

Ideal for T-shirts, fabric bags, Dance costumes, stage outfits, cushion, curtains, duvet etc

SIZE: 6.2 cm x 4 cm

Includes: 2 x THIN BLUE LINE (CANADIAN FLAG) Patches


1. Heat your iron to 400 degrees/cotton setting
2. Pr-heat fabric where the patch is to be placed for 10 seconds
3. Place sticky side of patch to the garment
4. Press the iron straight down for 15 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible (DO NOT GO BACK & FORTH)
5. Remove the sticky backing and iron on for another 5 seconds
6. Let it cool and You are ready